Welcome to the home of Backnet.EON. This is a web-based collaboration area for Edinburgh Open Network

So, What is EON. The Edinburgh Open Network is a way for people in Edinburgh to connect their computers together. There are no rules as such, it would be nice if you got an IP assignment from us that would make routing a lot easier.

Aims: To network and have fun.
Moderation: EON is an unmoderated network. Each “node” is in control of who they speak to, they are not obliged to run any services, route or share their pr0n. We try to keep a database of people interested in EON so that we can recommend people to connect to.

Methods of connection:

Radio: We tend to use 802.11b but whatever…
Wired: Again, cat5 is standard but if you want to use a modem over a a pair of tin cans with a wire between that’s AOK.
Semophore: A work in development. Currently plans involve a send bot with led’s attached to his torso and hands and a webcam.




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